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IXUS Celebrate Style Photo Contest

Spidey, kautsar
Funky Style

bocah lelaki dan ombak, kautsar
Charming Style
Hi friends,
It's been 11 days since my last post on April 21st. I had no idea at all tersenyum lebar
This morning, when I opened my messenger, I found an advertisement that interested and catch my eyes senang. It's a photo contest! Wow! I always like to participate in any kind of contests senang It gives me more spirit in bloggingmengedipkan mata tersenyum lebar

Do you want to participate, too? Please vote me here and or here. Thank you senang
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7 komentar:

  1. hello, udah di vote (ke-11) semoga sukses ya,,,,
    please support my articles (leave comment or share) ngarep.com heheheee

  2. Success for the competition ok :) btw I have tried to vote but those website still maintain, maybe another day I shall to try again :)


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