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Rain Makes Everything Better

Seminggu terakhir ini benar-benar migrain melanda. Mau apa-apa jadi serba salah. Lalu kuteringat bagaimana hujan mampu membuat segalanya...


Lizanovia M. Hadi
Hello ^^ Assalamu'alaikum ^^

My name is Lizanovia M. Hadi. You may call me Liza.
This is the place where I share my thoughts, my daily activities. 

You see that I love writting poems so much. So almost all the contents of this simple blog are about it.

Most of them are in my language Indonesia. I hope I can rewrite them in English someday ^^ [ Find some of them in my other blog Human and Nature ] My English is not very good, yay! 

I also posted all my daily notes and poems on my very personal blog Ruang Imaji, Rasa dan Kata

I'd love to make friends with you all. All requests are accepted ^^

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  1. so if you love poem, I do so extremly. Wish you could come to my home (rumahsunyiku.blogspot.com). Thanks sist?


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